Applicant Background Checks
American DataBank

DPW Electronic FBI Fingerprinting Information
For Students CURRENTLY LIVING IN OR ARE ABLE to go to a location in Pennsylvania

  • After you have completed your online application, American DataBank will send you a Registration ID to the E-Mail address you provided on the order form. (Please Note: It may take 24-48 hours before American DataBank will send you your Registration ID)
  • You will need the Registration ID to conduct your electronic FBI Fingerprinting at an Electronic Fingerprint Services Location (EFSL). Please have this with you at the time of your appointment.
  • We have listed Electronic Fingerprint Service Locations below.
  • If you have additional questions, please contact American DataBank at: 1-800-200-0853.
  • Electronic FBI Fingerprinting is processed by Cogent.

Electronic FBI Fingerprinting Locations

Please click on the button below. Find the area nearest you on the
Cogent Website, this will list available locations near you.

to find a Fingerprinting Location near you


**Very Important**

Your results will be sent to you by mail from the PA Department of Public Welfare. It may take around 2-3 weeks to receive them.

You are required to provide a copy of your results to American DataBank. American DataBank does NOT receive a copy from the Department of Public Welfare.

You may submit a copy of your results to 303-531-2055 or scan and email the results to If you do not send the results back to American DataBank, the compliance requirement will not be completed and you may lose the eligibility status in the program.

Please contact us if you have any questions or need assistance.